Production Packaging Systems

provides packaging and inspection and quality control equipment for farmers to ensure that the product they deliver complies with all relevant standards and regulations and gives the consumer peace of mind that the product meets their standards and requirements.


specializes in the sale of equipment to mark, code or label products dependent on your needs as well as track it, scan it, verify and authenticate it throughout the farm to fork process.

Informed Decisions

uses IoT, analytics and AI, Farming can drive greater efficiencies and more accurate automation than ever. Farm to retail traceability, visibility and monitoring of supply chain environmental conditions mean retailers, restaurants and consumers have access to proof of conditions and accountability.

Farm to Fork with MITAS

MITAS’ diverse portfolio of businesses provide the most comprehensive range of solutions offered around the world.  Our Farm to Fork solutions help farmers monitor and control the environmental conditions produce goes through from planting, all the way to the consumer.  Making use of specifically designed sensors, they can ensure the perfect soil conditions for planting, and can record and receive real time reporting throughout the growing process of the produce. Ultimately monitoring the six main areas of farming such as soil, machinery, water, weather, chemicals and the crops themselves, as well as automating processes, such as irrigation based on the IoT sensor data.  The equipment can also encompass predictive information such as weather forecasting.


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